Monday, May 29, 2006

2D1N in Port Dickson

Company sports club organised 2D1N trip to Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson last weekend. The resort still ok but the beach is kinda dirty. HuiYing who's from PD also went home to sleep because there's one room with fan but no air-cond, like maid room.

Tele-match game started at 4pm under the hot sun. Our team - Rose, only won the Ping-Pong chopstick match at no.2 position. Prize is only snacks for the night =p

Smelly Horse:

Banana boat at seaside:

PD Coconut drinks:

Seremban BBQ Crab:


hui ying said...

well.... the hotel is quite lousy.. that's why i went back.. and I am not comfortable with the bathroom... :s

Yan Ting said...

luckily ur house is nearby, no need to share bed. Quite comfortable like home ma~