Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sungai Gabai waterfall

Today is a public holiday, just nice to have a day trip. Me, Gerlin, ChaiLan, Aren, HuiYing, CWH+gf, NYH+wife and PLS decided to have a natural waterfall jacuzzi again in Hulu Langat Sungai Gabai waterfall.
The sunshine in the morning.
The waterfall is flushing so fast!

Some people made the stones to stand up on the rocks of waterfall.
A shakey photo shot when coming down hill.
Today we spent a lot of time eating. First we had breakfast at somewhere nearby Aren's house. Later picnic in Gabai Waterfall. Afternoon's cendol & dried curry wantan mee. After movie of 'The Name of The King' in the Mines, we went to Kajang for sate (HJ Samuri).
Aren(left) who wanted a photo to be posted here. He is today's tour guide because he's very familiar with Cheras & Kajang's areas where he grew up at here.

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